Photo Fridge Magnet Gifts: Fun and Functional

Not so long ago, a home without a collection of magnets scattered around their refrigerator door would be near impossible to come by. But, with paper documents quickly becoming a thing of the past, the functionality of these tiny fridge accessories was diminishing, and certainly giving them as a gift wouldn’t make much sense…

My... how the times have changed!

With the massive growth in photo sharing online using networks like Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media giants, the novelty of a physical photo given as a gift is more appreciated than ever!

Photo Fridge Magnets are a fun and unique way to gift photos for a special occasion (or to remember one!), and have them front and center in your home. The best part is they don’t even need to occupy space on your coffee table, or damage your walls, and can even be changed out with the seasons!

Functionality is no longer a concern as these personalized works of art become more of a piece of home decor than just simply a way to keep your appointments and other reminders front and center.

With many different companies offering services that will create these personalized gifts for you, you can get as creative as you like with your photo gift concept, and truly make them your one of a kind! From larger collections of smaller photos, to a larger image split between many magnets that can be placed together like puzzle pieces, there’s not much they can’t do!

Similar to the old school alphabet magnets that allowed children to form words on the fridge, you can even have magnets made with pictures of family members and objects, and let the kids get creative with how they are laid out in order to tell a new story each day!

In a world where it can sometimes feel like everyone has one of everything, you can be sure that a personalized gift like this will never be duplicated, and will always be appreciated!

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